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Courtroom Drama in a Medical Malpractice Setting

This is a story of the medical journey of Roland J. Beckerman that led to a life of pain and suffering for the remainder of his life to date after being harmed by a Surgeon that made a huge mental mistake that could have easily been avoided.  Although unintentional, the damage was done.  Until something of this magnitude hits home and in particular hits you personally it is very hard to explain, and express just how it changes so many things we all take for granted every single minute of every day we are alive.  In this book I will explain just how these “changes” occurred and the effect they had on my life and the lives of my family and the destruction there of.

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Roland J. Beckerman is a Southern man that grew up learning right from wrong in a healthy family environment. He had many successes in most of the things he attempted to do as a young man. As he continued to age, he became versed on many subjects and excelled in most of his endeavors. His experiences led him to be able to put this book together and in chronological order of truths during a specific period of his life, all while making it flow into seemingly a never-ending story. However, it does have an ending, but one you'll definitely find quite interesting.

Many of us have had triumphs and have fallen from grace within our realm of reality. Some of us don't get up from the low points, but Roland J. Beckerman is resilient and continues to reinvent himself. I think you will enjoy reading his book!


An Aggressive Young Lawyer Discovers Himself

After successfully writing "SEEKING JUSTICE" the book naturally flowed into book two taking Atticus Wentworth right along with it.  However it dug deep into retrospect covering Atticus' beginnings as a high school football player when his dreams of taking it further were abruptly brought to a devistating halt on a cold, wet and foggy night under the excitement and glamor high school football seems to command under Friday night lights. That is where it begins and during the course of this book it will demonstrate how the will of a young man can open unknown doors that lead to a life of successful events. 

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"ATTICUS WENTWORTH COMES OF AGE" is the title as it truly lives up to every expectation.  It is the beginning of his life as a young man that is forced to change gears and direction to seek other avenues to find himself after his dreams of playing football came crashing down on him the night he was severly injurred. He did however have a

strong penchant for helping people but just didn't know how it would surface but when it did it came on with a passion and at a brisk pace.  This story takes you places with him and puts you in the seat next to him all the way

into the courtroom for some really exciting moments.  The book is written to show you how a young man can with determination exceed within his chosen profession and to flourish even when he wasn't sure of how he got there

but he truly 'comes of age' in this book.  It will open up his life during the first ten years or so of his career as a lawyer in the City of Charlotte, NC.  Ironically he crosses paths with an old acquaintance he had while he was in law school at The University of South Carolina in Columbia, SC and little did he know that chance happening would lead to his acqaintance becoming not only a friend but an integral part of his practice.  His name was Roland J. Beckerman and I will leave you with that thought.  At the time he wasn't aware he would become a very well respected and prominant attorney but as the story goes he truly "comes of age."   To find out more you'll have to wait until it is released by Newman Springs Publishing. 

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Vol. 3 has been released!  Get your copy today of this much awaited novel by Roland J. Beckerman!  He wants you all to know how grateful he is to all his readers and fans.  The waiting is over, ATTICUS WENTWORTH, The Jury Speaks is now available!  You can get your copy the usual way of ordering through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and bookstores nationally through Ingram Content.  And of course, for signed copies simply use our shopping cart here on the website. 

Roland J. Beckerman has found himself deeply immersed in the day-to-day operations of Wentworth Law Firm. The story line in this book is not only intriguing but also an educational adventure as it is an eye-opening trip that travels through the intricate areas of law and how psychology plays an integral part in its approach in and out of the courtroom. The duo of Wentworth and Beckerman will take you on a most interesting journey that starts with the introduction to complex cases that takes twists and turns all the way into the courtroom. And in the courtroom is where the psychology that Roland brings to the table kicks in vividly. The two of them have stumbled upon the forensic approach they weave into solving cases. The back cover picture is an example of Roland's alter ego showing his creativeness in another role in his true life that is revealed in these volumes. Not only is he a successful author/novelist, he is also a professional drummer/percussionist that travels, playing with a touring band in the eastern part of the country autographing books along the way. This dual lifestyle is expressed in this novel, and it is true in real life.

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