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Roland J. Beckerman Biography

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Roland J. Beckerman is a “Southern Man” that grew up learning right from wrong in a healthy family environment.  He had many successes in most of the things he attempted to do as a young man.  As he continued to age he became versed on many subjects and excelled in most of his endeavors.  His experiences led him to be able to put this book together and in chronological order of truths during a specific period of his life all while making it flow into seemingly a never ending story.  However it does have an ending but one you’ll definitely find quite interesting.  Many of us have had triumphs and have fell from grace within our realm of reality.  Some of us don’t get up from the low points but Roland J. Beckerman is resilient and continues to reinvent himself.  I think you will enjoy reading his book!

Roland J. Beckerman's Life with Music

Roland J. Beckerman's musical journey started in 1963. He focused on The Beatles as they swept America with some great new music that captured many. in late 1969, as he was developing his skills as an aspiring drummer, he discovered The Allman Brothers Band. That discovery changed his understanding of music and how it was delivered. Over many decades of being an accomplished drummer and percussionist he has been fortunate enough to have met, performed, traveled with, and befriend several well known artists. One night in Charlotte, NC at a theatre Idlewild South asked him to sit in and that led him to becoming a member of this band. “The Road Goes On Forever” and he can attest to that without hesitation.

Roland J. Beckerman unknowingly stumbled upon moving forward at a rapid pace as a writer because of the way “SEEKING JUSTICE” unfolded. Aside from Roland J. Beckerman, the character of Atticus Wentworth became a star with his leading role as the medical malpractice attorney that took Roland’s case over from other failed efforts of various attorneys. Atticus Wentworth from here out will play the lead character in the sequels to follow while Roland is woven into playing a vital character role as a private investigator, confidant and a forensic specialist in assisting in choosing jurors for trial. And Roland of course becomes close friends with Atticus Wentworth along the way. This book led to a second novel that is with Newman Springs Publishing and is about to begin the publishing process of editing, page design and cover design ultimately to be published and made available through the usual channels and formats for his fans to purchase. Little did Roland know “SEEKING JUSTICE” simply flowed into the beginning of a sequel that is leading to another, yet another novel to become several sequels of continued suspense, courtroom drama, real life experiences, unbelievable events and some sexual moments scattered through the tangled web of the reality. In his novels he creates interesting moments that shed light on the legal system that will perhaps at times amaze you. The unbridled enthusiasm and the interest of “SEEKING JUSTICE” is proving to be the springboard into the sequels. It was a natural to continue capturing the stories of many complicated lives and to bring out the truths in a series of exciting, entertaining, mind expanding and perhaps even disturbing events that many can only imagine.

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