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Roland J. Beckerman


"Roland is a talented and expressive writer.  He has the ability to bring people, events and imaginations to life in the words as they unfold chapter to chapter.  There is never a dull moment or lack of stimulation in his writing as he will keep you involved as if you were there!"

"He writes in the form of biographical fiction while weaving excitement, passion, realism and at times facts into his methods of expression that has collected fans both young and old.  His message seems so real."

Signing Sue Witt Hamilton’s books at Park Road Books, Charlotte, NC

Park Road Books, Charlotte, NC with the honorable Judge Roy Wiggins after signing his books

At a recent seated book discussion and signing event in Rockingham, NC at Leath Memorial Library with a very distinguished guest.

Vol. 1


Courtroom Drama in a Medical Malpractice Setting

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Vol. 2


A Young Lawyer Earns His Stripes in the Courtroom

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“I thoroughly enjoyed reading SEEKING JUSTICE.  I was glued to this story after the first paragraph!  Interesting and true account of Mr. Beckerman’s journey in our judicial system shows the enormous

challenges that people face when seeking true justice.  I was truly inspired by Mr. Beckerman’s perseverance through overwhelming physical, emotional and legal hurdles.”

Roy Wiggins
North Carolina Judge


Praise & Reviews

“Seeking Justice” is fascinating thriller that I literally did not want to end. My profession for over 40 years was directly spent in the operating room providing anesthesia as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. This novel peaked & earned my interest from the beginning! Also having a daughter as an Attorney, the trial & legal aspects was intriguing. Regardless of your background or interest, you will be spellbound. RJB & I grew up as next door neighbors & friends from the age of 4. I always knew he was honorable & smart. But I never knew I was living beside a “genius” until now! Love how his writing skills make you feel as if you’re in the story. Looking forward to more captivating novels.

Karen Rassette

Roland J Beckerman is a man of integrity, and his writing is exemplary. One would never guess this is his first novel. He weaves a story of blatant medical neglect into a captivating courtroom drama that will have you not wanting to stop reading. I am a slow reader, and a novel has about two chapters to get my attention, or I’m done with it. Seeking Justice got my immediate attention and never let go. It lingers still…



 Upcoming Appearances


* October 23, 2021
The Richmond Observer
Book Signing
Rockingham, NC
10 am to 12 pm

* March 23, 2022
Casino Guitars
Discussing Music and Books
Southern Pines, NC
9:30 am to 10:30 am

*April 6, 2022 
Park Road Books
Book Discussion and Signing 
Charlotte, NC
7 to 8 pm

*June 21, 2022 

The Leath Memorial Library

Book Discussion and Signing 

Rockingham, NC

3 to 5 pm

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About Roland J. Beckerman

Roland J. Beckerman is an entertaining writer.