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"Roland is a talented and expressive writer.  He has the ability to bring people, events and imaginations to life in the words as they unfold chapter to chapter.  There is never a dull moment or lack of stimulation in his writing as he will keep you involved as if you were there!"


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Courtroom Drama in a Medical Malpractice Setting

This is a story of the medical journey of Roland J. Beckerman that led to a life of pain and suffering for the remainder of his life to date after being harmed by a Surgeon that made a huge mental mistake that could have easily been avoided.  Although unintentional, the damage was done.  Until something of this magnitude hits home and in particular hits you personally it is very hard to explain, and express just how it changes so many things we all take for granted every single minute of every day we are alive.  In this book I will explain just how these “changes” occurred and the effect they had on my life and the lives of my family and the destruction there of.  During the course of this book I will take you through all of whom were involved during the illness ultimately leading up to having major surgery that went off the rails of normalcy that clearly didn’t live up to the expected “standard of care” of the surgeon.  And I will navigate through the legal system and ultimately the trial.

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This mystery will be illustrated in chronological order that will reveal what can and does happen in the medical arena of medical malpractice.  The contents are written to show just how difficult it is to even file a medical malpractice lawsuit and it will demonstrate the steps necessary to get through the system to reach a courtroom.  This is a book of fiction however it is based on facts and actual events.  All names have been changed to protect the innocent characters involved and the one that caused the harm.  It will also demonstrate the difficulties of getting someone and in this case a General Surgeon to get a lawsuit filed against, to obtain moral justice, admitting fault, accepting responsibility and even something as simple and as human as offering an apology.

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“I thoroughly enjoyed reading SEEKING JUSTICE.  I was glued to this story after the first paragraph!  Interesting and true account of Mr. Beckerman’s journey in our judicial system shows the enormous

challenges that people face when seeking true justice.  I was truly inspired by Mr. Beckerman’s perseverance through overwhelming physical, emotional and legal hurdles.”

Roy Wiggins
North Carolina Judge


Praise & Reviews

“Seeking Justice” is fascinating thriller that I literally did not want to end. My profession for over 40 years was directly spent in the operating room providing anesthesia as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. This novel peaked & earned my interest from the beginning! Also having a daughter as an Attorney, the trial & legal aspects was intriguing. Regardless of your background or interest, you will be spellbound. RJB & I grew up as next door neighbors & friends from the age of 4. I always knew he was honorable & smart. But I never knew I was living beside a “genius” until now! Love how his writing skills make you feel as if you’re in the story. Looking forward to more captivating novels.

Karen Rassette

Roland J Beckerman is a man of integrity, and his writing is exemplary. One would never guess this is his first novel. He weaves a story of blatant medical neglect into a captivating courtroom drama that will have you not wanting to stop reading. I am a slow reader, and a novel has about two chapters to get my attention, or I’m done with it. Seeking Justice got my immediate attention and never let go. It lingers still…


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